FAQs You May Want To Know

We have put together a few of the regular questions we have been asked by our researchers. Study each of the following questions carefully so you have a greater understanding of how the services we offer work in practice. If there are some questions that you cannot locate in this section, don’t hesitate to let us know.

You are able to work from any where provided you are able to access a computer, the Internet and suitable reference text books and other necessary research materials.We employ writers from many places around the world including Britain, Australia, and the USA.
The money you will be offered will rest on the specific needs of the assignment. The aspects which influence your researcher payment are the educational level, the number of words and the time taken to research and complete the assignment. For a single assignment you could be paid from £50 and up to £1000+. Please view today’s payment levels so that you are more informed about our current freelance writer remuneration policy.
When new assignments are emailed to you they can be viewed in the ‘new jobs’ part of your personal account.
An e-mail will be dispatched to your registered email address letting you know of a new assignment in your researcher account. The e-mail will contain facts about the assignment such as the title, time frame allowed and money offered.
New assignments are circulated and the first writer to offer their services will take the responsibility for the assignment. We normally allow up to 1-2 hours after an assignment notification has been mailed out for writers to respond. When this time is up we will have chosen a writer for the assignment, at this point the features of the assignment will instantly be erased from your researcher account.
We will normally let you know the same day that you place your bid for the assignment. In some situations it can take up to 3 days before we are able to firmly establish the position of your bid. If your bid is the chosen one or if it isn’t, you will receive an email informing you either way.
From August 2006, we will be e-mailing new assignments only between 9am and 10pm G.M.T. We are constantly on the lookout for novel methods to upgrade our interaction with our writers and we are currently considering different alternatives which would involve SMS texts and alerts to mobile phone.
You will send us an invoice for the work that you have undertaken each month. Youcan be paid through Pay Pal or bank transfer at the finish of each month.
We will dispatch to you different sorts of work which fit in with your graduation subject. We could send you, for example, research writing, assignments, proofreading work and in some cases editing work. The majority of the work you will be requested to complete to begin with will be academic projects. Once you have been employed by us for a period of time and have produced some outstanding assignments we might consider you as a permanent researcher in our team which means better rates of pay.
Not at all. You are able to select the work that best fits your interest. You are not bound to take on any work which is dispatched to you. But when you take on work, this will assist you in gaining a higher acknowledgement and standing in our team environment.
We must choose the best matched writer to undertake a piece of writing work, so if a particular writer is better qualified or has superior knowledge of the subject then he or she will normally be selected to take on a specific assignment. We do welcome new writers to get started with us and we often offer new researchers assignments over our current researchers.
These are the standards awarded to degree holders in the UK. A 1st is around 70%+, a 2:1 is rated between 60% and 70% and a 2:2 is between 50% and 60% out of 100.
Yes, this is what normally happens. For example, if your degree subject is Geography, then we would only consider you for work which bears a relationship to Geography or subjects that cross its path. We could offer you assignments which are not so subject specific but more general as well.
You will be notified through an email confirmation from us within 3 days of bidding to confirm if you have been selected to undertake the assignment. If you have been chosen, it will be necessary for you to commence work on the assignment immediately. Your luck in getting work will rely on how fast you can react to our ‘ Current Work’ dispatches which will arrive in your account. We will as well dispatch new work information to you through the e-mail system.
Once you have finished the work and have ensured it fits the required specifications, you should send the work to us as either as a Word document or an .rtf (rich text format) file which is uploaded via your account.
In some situations where a file exceeds 1Mb in size or you have undertaken a piece of work that involves programming, then you are able to send the completed assignment as an e-mail attachment and send it to our email address.
This is not possible. So as to assure our clients that they are getting high quality custom-written and fully researched original work, we do not use the same researcher to take on assignments which cover the same or a similar subject. Conversely, if a writer offers 100% certainty that he or she can put together a completely different piece of work (different writing style, different use of references, etc.), then they should let us know in an email with a guarantee of being able to compile an original piece of writing work. Only when such an e-mail has been received can we acknowledge your bid for the assignment. In the event of us finding any similarity of your work with your past assignments, we will correctly provide the client with a full refund and the writer will not get paid.
This will depend on several issues which may include the subject area you are qualified in, the specific time in the year and also the overall quality of the writing that you are able to produce. If you consistently turn out work of a high standard and can be relied upon, you will be in a good position to be offered consistent work every week. But if the work you turn out is of a poor standard, then we will have no alternative but to give work to others rather than yourself. Normally, the easier you are to access, the greater are the chances that you will get offered work more frequently.
All assignments that you get from us should be formulated to the required level, which is outlined in the list of requirements that we email to you when you have offered to undertake the work. If the writing has to be done to a 2:1 standard then it should be formulated to that particular level. Also if the writing is to be written to a 1st degree level the piece should be written to that level and no less. All the writing should contain relevant references.
We employ are own quality control team who verify each bit of writing to ensure that it fits the criteria that it is supposed to fit. We, in particular, scrutinise writing that has been written by newer researchers to ensure that the standard we expect has been fulfilled. We allot a marking system for all of our employee writers to ensure that quality writing of each researcher is maintained.
There is a procedure for this. We have fully comprehensive plagiarism software which audits all pieces of work for any similarities and also searches through all web pages, essay banks, journals and other possible written sources. These checks and balances are expensive to maintain but it is of paramount importance for the honesty and continuing success of our company to offer all of our customers completely original and correctly referenced pieces of research writing.
It is essential you inform us as early as possible if you are experiencing any difficulty with finishing the work by the due date. If you complete the work late then you will suffer a penalty. If you submit the work late and haven’t let us know in advance, you will be removed from our database. It is to your advantage that you complete the assigned writing by the due date.
Assignments normally can be finished between one to five days; we sometimes have projects that may take a few weeks or even months to finish. If you are offered a five day assignment then it is essential you finish and submit the piece on the fifth day by 4pm G.M.T. In the event of the work being handed in later than this assigned time you will incur penalties on your payment.
We usually only let our researchers undertake assignments one after the other. But as the deadlines of assignments are often different, we might ask you to write two bits concurrently if both you and we agree that it is a suitable thing to do.
If you have additional subjects that are related to your degree subject or you have recently gained qualifications in a new subject area then we would be keen for you to add this to your account. Please email us and we will consider your new situation.

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