Work From home as a freelance writer

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Do you have a 2.1 or 1st-class honors degree in a approved subject ? Are you searching for a job opening that you are able to undertake at home with flexible hours that suit you along with excellent pay? If you are thinking about working from your own home and you are degree qualified, we would like you to make contact with us.

Academic Writer Jobs is now looking for applicants, who wish to undertake  working from  home, in a  freelance writing position in any subject area. As a writer working for us, you will have the chance to undertake work on a broad spectrum of different assignments, including the writing of business reports, writing marketing reports,compiling company research, business presentations, teaching resources, proofreading  jobs, copy writing and research and custom model answers to help students. Doing work from home simply means that you can adapt your job to fit into your current activity schedule, so regular engagements that you  have, for example, relating to your family, any other  jobs or any study commitments as examples — do not have to be altered.

If you have an interest in undertaking research at home while working for us and wish to take home an excellent income, working flexible hours that suit you apply now.

Why undertake work from home as a freelance writer?

Being able to work from home appears like a dream come true – adaptable hours, excellent pay and the chance to mould your job with other obligations (rather than the reverse which is the normal situation). But there are, however, certain factors that you must think about before finalizing the decision to do most of your paid work at home. The information below outlines the majority of the concerns for home based workers.
The majority of us have considered  at some time that conducting working from the home base would be a fantastic breakthrough – normally on a damp, freezing Monday morning. There is no necessity to travel to work on an overcrowded bus or being gridlocked at the notorious intersection; no manager screaming down your ear ordering you around; in truth,you do not need to get up out of your chair until noon.
Conducting work from home does involve a host of benefits but it is not necessarily that easy. You must think about….

The reasons for working from home

Great reasons for conducting work activities from your own  home include:

  • Family obligations: If you have another person you are responsible for, which could be a child or an older relative, which rules out the possibility of working  hours that are fixed by time and place, carrying out work from home will allow you to save the time taken to travel to and fro to a part-time job and let you be more flexible with your time allocation.
  • Additional income: If  you already have a job but the pay is not that good and you have some spare time that amounts to around three or four hours each day then some extra work from home will really give your income a boost.
Tax concessions

While working as a freelance writer, you are classified as self-employed and therefore,  working at home gives you the chance to claim back a reasonable percentage of your actual expenses with reference to any tax debits. For example, if you are utilizing a room  within your home, you might be able to put a  claim in for a percentage  for cleaning along with interest on a mortgage, any council tax and any home insurance expenses with reference to your tax outgoings, as long as that area of your home is primarily used for business for a large  part of the time.

Flexible Working Hours

If you happen to have a job away from your home base, your employer may have to make a commitment to allow you to work flexible hours (but, they are not obliged by law to honor this request – click now to read further about working flexible hours).


Do you normally find it quite easy to focus on a project? Or is  your attention often diverted by voices, the TV, the desire to read magazines, your children and other possible distractions that are in your environment? Working in your own home requires adhering to a set of rules with regard to time management and the inclination to force out any diversions and focus on the job that has to be done. If you cannot manage self discipline, you will discover without a boss to keep an eye on your output, your concentration is continually diverted by the numerous chores and other in house distractions that prevent you from staying fixed to your computer.

On your own

If you like to form associations with work colleagues, commencing work at home mayn’t be quite what you are used to. Workers at home  do not have the chit chat and bustling of a focused office environment. This, of course, can be an advantage when it comes to concentration spans  but it can bring about a lonely situation throughout working hours. If you really like the company that work provides and you need constantly to have people close by, then working from home may not suit you.

If you are now thinking about working from home as a possibility, consider the way you can substitute the social life you miss when working away from home. If you do happen to have a partner, do not depend on them to be the sole provider of your social interactions when they arrive back home from work, you won’t have much to share with them and there will not be much to talk about. Perhaps joining a gym or a club which you have an interest in and you can circulate amongst its members to enrich your social life.

Space at Home

Trying to work at home in your television room when you have TV watching children in your presence will not be appropriate. Turfing out the car and using your garage as an office might not be suitable either, especially on cold winter days when there is no insulation or installed central heating radiators. The attic that has no windows is not a good environment to set up an office either. You really require a comfortable well heated, neat room where you can sort out your work schedule and where there are no major interference. However,  if that space is simply not available, you might have to adapt somewhat to what you actually have but most importantly is that you have a bit of space that is practical and is enough to permit you to sort out your books, journals and notes without them becoming inundated with coffee stains or scribbled upon. It is also recommended that you do not use a bedroom or any communal living space because you will have no place to wind down when you have completed your work for the day, and you will begin to feel that  your whole day has been spent working.

Managing Time

The most difficult issue working in your own home is managing the available time. Home based workers usually opt to work at home so they are able to mould their work to the rest of life’s activities but this actually creates a bit of a challenge. It is essential to earmark time used up for work and that used for recreation, using particular times of the day for work and other times to handle other obligations.

If time is not allocated sufficiently, then small things like making a snack, going down to the store and accessing  emails  might end up taking up a larger portion of the day than expected. The solution is to develop a work routine that has the same number of hours each day put aside for work, time for coffee breaks and a fixed ending time. Switch off your mobile if you are able to, or initiate a specific number for work and another for private contacts. You must remember that you must take some breaks from your computer monitor so as to protect your health.

Back up Team

You might be thinking of  home based work so that you are able to give support to others, but having your own back up is crucial for the success fulness of the work / leisure choices you have made. Of the greatest importance is that your family and friends must have an understanding of your decision making and they must be aware that you might not always be available for a chatter or to go out for a lunch date. The next important thing that you have to understand is that working from home is a paid job and if your offspring are unwell and you have no additional help at your fingertips, you will be required have to give up your working time to handle your other obligations.

As with any job, if you do not actually carry out the work, you will not get paid. So think about constructing a back up team well in advance. These could be people who can assist when things are not going too well. It’s particularly of use if you are a parent and you need someone to pick up your kids from school or look after them when they are not well. If you have a good back up team and you are a parent doing home based work  or you are a carer, the greater the chance you will have of ensuring your plan works.
If you have an interest in writing for us from your own home as a freelance writerclick here to apply now. If you have a job and are considering working more flexible hours to allow you to write too, click here to get more advice.