How do I get paid as a freelance writer?

You will have already found out from studying our pay rates that freelance writing on academic subjects is very well paid and can be a profitable route for earning additional money. However, in a business claiming to employ one of the most complete and superior groups of writing ability from around the globe, in what way can you excel above them all and earn great money? We offer you our best suggestions…

1. Apply now!

You have everything to gain and you will lose nothing if you apply to us to  work as a freelance writer. Just email us your resume with information about your qualifications and find out if we are prepared to register you. Just complete our application form instantly.

2. Once you have received your acceptance you will have to..

provide proof of your ID and your qualifications and present them to our Human Resources division. The next stage is to go about upgrading yourself. All researchers commence as a  D level writer. This quite simply refers to the fact that they can only undertake the  lowest level of writing assignments ( for example only a 2.2 undergraduate mock answer). There is not so much D level as there is work of a higher level. In order to access more work  after you have been registered, write us an email and send it to [email protected] requesting that your level be upgraded from D level to C level. Alternatively you could request that  you be assessed for a much higher level if you possess a particularly high standard of professional qualifications as well as appropriate experience. The assignments that are of a higher standard attract more remuneration once completed.

3. What do you do once you have been given an upgrade?

Start your bids right away. Decide on your weekly work load, that is the number of words of writing you have time for in a week and be realistic! Of course, you must take into consideration other work loads. If you believe you can manage 5,000 words each week, ensure your allocated work sticks to the 5,000 words. You are able to bid for as many assignments as you wish with the knowledge that you will only be offered those that match your word level. This is an important hint so do not go about forgetting it! Some of our newly initiated freelance writers put in a bid or two and then stop as they are not offered any suitable work.  All new writers tend to be offered less work because they are new. However, the astute writers bid on all the things they could most likely finish and it won’t be too long before they will be offered a bit of work that has not been an attraction to anyone else.

4. What do you do once you have accepted a new project?

Go through all the advice in the login section of this website. Ensure you are aware of, precisely, what you are expected to do. In short, make sure you perform an excellent job. Make sure a 2.2 level essay is far better than the client or our team could hope for. Impress us all! Now send us an email and request that we read  your work and give it a mark. All the pieces of work are checked for quality but we don’t necessarily award a mark but having a mark on your profile is a great benefit  to you as our team members who allocate the work will view it when they check your profile.

5. What happens after your project has been handed in?

You must ask for a response from the quality control team. If there is some  feedback  from the customer you should request that the quality control team passes onto you any response. It is not part of our policy to forward to you customers’ comments unless you request them from us . However, If the customer asks for adjustments, and as long as they arn’t too long, think about offering this service without any further payment, whether you think the changes are needed or not.. Note well that your main target is to impress the client and if they are impressed by your outcomes they will ask for you again. In this instance, this means an automatic 25% pay rise for you.

6. Here are some more hints!

Enlist yourself as a staff writer. By doing this we can allocate  work  to you in your area of interest that you have not actually requested. This may entail doing some additional research to finish the work but the benefit to you is, the money is 50% more than the normal fees. It will, amongst other things, widen your knowledge bank and improve your skill level. This really means that you will be getting a payment to enhance your knowledge.

If you are now truly prepared to commence earning money then don’t delay and fill out our application form today.

To make an application right now, just fill in our application form.