Reasonable Use Policy

This reasonable use guideline  may be located on all of our websites that advertise writing services to students. It is portrayed in our terms and conditions, and our staff have been educated to assist individuals to clarify how it operates.

To learn more about our opinion on cheating, please refer to a note from our Quality Manager.


  • Clients buying a uniquely written model assignment from Academic Writer Jobs must use this as a focal point to assist them to put together their own individual piece of work.
  • Clients are not authorised to submit the unique model assignment that they have bought from Academic Writer Jobs as if they had written it themselves.
  • Academic Writer Jobs does not give the copyright of any work undertaken for its clients.

Guidance on reasonable use

What is the the reason for a model essay?

Students engage a considerable amount of time reading and absorbing a large volume of researched information, which might or might not hold significant information to their studies.  Furthermore, the form in which the written material is offered is hardly ever the same as the form that is necessary to take on their assignments.  Often tutors will offer useful advice on the essay writing format, but not many tutors are able to address the issue by offering students the opportunity to study examples of answers which are able to help the student actually tackle the essay.

It is a clear fact that one of the superior ways of learning anything is by example.  Almost all of our knowledge is gained via this pathway since the hour we are actually born.  Therefore, a  model answer offers one of the the most unique research implements any student could ask for.  The actual correct response offers the student a practical example of a way that can be used to answer the question.  It might not be the only path that can be used to answer the question  and quite possibly, the student learner may simply offer a markedly different viewpoint from that of a legitimate researcher but the model answer will offer the student with a jumping off point to get underway  with their own individual research and to go about compiling their own piece of individual work.

What way can I use my custom essay

The use of a custom essay is not that much different from making use of a book or journal that you may have located on precisely the same topic.  It is not wise to copy exactly word for word from any book or journal, just as you must not use the exact words of any researcher’s work.  The challenge is for you to study the presented  ideas and arguments and then go about attempting to formulate your own ideas.  You could put in the extra effort and access the facts that the researcher has located, and utilize their bibliography to enhance your own reading resources.

In brief.
  • Read through the essay carefully so that you can comprehend  how the question has been answered
  • Now try to come up with your individual ideas.
  • Gain access to the material the researcher has found for you, and use this to access more information.
  • Utilize the essay that our researcher has compiled as a pathway to the production of your own individual work.
  • Make sure that your ultimate piece of work is 100% unique and put together utilizing your own inventive thought processes.

What is plagiarism?

Below are some examples of plagiarism:

  • Pretending  another persons words were said or written by you.
  • Pretending another persons ideas were said or written by you.
  • Rewording some written  work but keeping the original ideas it has, with no references given.
  • Not placing original words in inverted commas but pretending they are your own words.
  • Writing down significantly large components of another person’s words or complete ideas without the use of  quotation marks.
  • Supplying wrong information about the origin of a quotation, for example, quoting a source that the original author located and used.
  • Altering the original words but copying the arrangement of the sentence without quoting the actual source.

The above points are just some examples, there are many other possibilities.

Each university provides a different definition of plagiarism but we are quite certain that the majority of people at universities would agree to a certain extent with this list.

There are a few  universities who dislike their students making use of our service, but  it does not amount to plagiarism when you are  using our sevicewith reference the reasonable use policy.

If I proceed to give in the work without making any alterations is it likely that I could get caught?

Our work is actually 100% original, and , furthermore is written to a particular specification, so if it were presented to  a university then the university would be unable to locate it on a plagiarism scan and moreover, none of our work that has been specified by a client is , in fact, common knowledge but it has never been uploaded  because the work we supply will never be uploaded to the web.

But it is possible that your tutor may not realize the fact that you had passed in work that was in a style that is significantly different to your own, or that you referred to  sources you would not usually b e able to access.  Furthermore, the tutor may interview you and require that you  provide an explanation of  the work to them, which could prove to be a problem if you have not carried out any of the research.

Giving in our researcher’s work without making any alterations is quite simply plagiarism because you are  pretending that someone Else’s work and words were formulated by you.   Even making some minor alterations would amount to plagiarism. The unique research we have carried out will be of far greater use to you if you utilize it in conjunction with our reasonable use policy.  You will, ultimately, enhance your mark , educate yourself about how to write a good essay and experience a fantastic feeling of gratification after undertaking a good job, using your own judgement and skills..

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