Freelance Writer Rates

Academic Writer Jobs offers freelance writer rates which rate the highest in the industry. However, freelance writer rates are not all the same but are dependent on the freelance writer’s quality and level at which they can write.

As a freelance writer and you can turn out work that is of great quality and have the ability to deliver a certain amount of output within specific deadlines, then the  freelance writing jobs we have on offer will suit you down to the ground

If you are able to produce outstanding work on time, this proves your reliability as a freelance writer and you will be subsequently rewarded with a higher freelance writer payment. This pay level is offered to all day to day projects put on offer. You might like to talk with other freelance writers in order to find out more.

Earn Through Freelance Writing

Some individuals may be a little wary about taking up freelance writing openings. A few state that freelance writing jobs do not let people  earn much. This is, however, not totally true. The financial benefits of a freelance writing job rests on the person’s control and eagerness to carry out the work.

Our freelance writers take home the best pay in the industry. Academic Writer Jobs’ freelance writers take on average, £1000 each month. This rate increases up to £3000 for a month if you work for full time.

A typical client asks for academic assignments of around 2,500 to 3,000 words for each one. Academic Writer Jobs also consider assignments of a higher word count and require more research, for example, Ph.D level. The more challenging assignments usually are around £1,500.

Freelance writers who can reach a high standard with a project may attract a twenty percent bonus as a reward, if the client considers this to be worthwhile and our quality control panel agrees. A freelance writer might get a rate increase if a client requests a particular writer for another piece of work and asks to work with the writer again. You can also request a specific rate as well.

The majority of freelance writers who start on writing or proofreading jobs openings with Academic Writer Jobs are normally seeking out an additional income source. Most of the freelance writers can gain usually around £1,500 to £4000 for each month. This amount can go up to around £6000 through the hectic times of year.

About 25% of Academic Writer Jobs’ freelance writers take on tasks now and again, receiving around about £100 to £500 per month. A further 25% are working full time for us, receiving around £1,000 to £3,000 per month, reaching around £4,000 in the hectic times of year.

Freelance writing is often a very satisfying job. It is a good avenue to increase one’s income; it is particularly satisfying for anyone who opts to make freelance writing their full time profession. As well as being economically rewarding, freelance writing offers additional advantages including variable working hours and work burden. Freelance writers who are employed by Academic Writer Jobs are able to improve their individual academic and expert skills via the assignments they complete.

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