Writer’s Performance Monitoring

Evaluating the outcomes and assessing the standard of work of our workforce assists in improving their outcomes along with developing their abilities to their utmost. For any business like ourselves, the freelance work outcomes are our focus as they determine our success. A way of evaluating the freelance writer’s outcomes lets employees submit proof of their work and contributes to the business’s approval ratings. The information below outlines a method which might be utilised to evaluate and check the freelance writer’s outcomes.

Keeping on top of a freelance writer’s outcomes is an ongoing process; it must be a reasonable and reliable method. Implementing a two way evaluation method aids communication between the business and its workforce – together the freelance writer and the business, who allocates a personal overseer, will together solve any specific concerns and compile reasonable targets and options for the improvement of writing outcomes.

Each freelance writer is appraised through four steps:

Step One

Setting attainable targets. Freelance writers must have attainable targets; these targets should relate to their positions in the business.

Step Two

Supplying suitable resources. A freelance writer must have at their disposal suitable resources which should be utilised to back up the targets laid out in step one.

Step Three

Analysis of the reaching of targets. The targets laid out in step one of the procedure should be analysed at regular intervals. This is executed so as to evaluate the targets along with appraising the freelance writer’s attempts at reaching the target as well as altering the course if the targets are not being met.

Step Four

The freelance writer’s outcomes each year should be formally assessed. The outcomes of such an appraisal may progress to a high recognition of the writer’s abilities which may lead to promotion. Targets for the forthcoming year should now be established.

The procedure should consider the matters below:

The freelance writer’s over-performance or under-performance;

All discussions relating to changing the rate of pay; The identifying of any chance to progress or develop further.

The evaluation, to be of any real use, must be conducted by the freelancer’s allocated supervisor. The writer along with the supervisor concerned should have knowledge of the set procedures. They must both ensure that the outcomes are laid out clearly at the beginning of the evaluation.

Every freelance writer we employ goes through systematic job outcomes evaluations. We do these evaluations so as to assist our writers as well as helping to improve the business – we aim to offer our writers the opportunity to develop their career outcomes, which includes their expertise and their level of pay.