How to select a freelance writing

There are numerous freelance writing businesses that offer work to writers. What are the main concerns when selecting which businesses to work for? Here is some good advice…

Fantastic pay

Isn’t this the reason for doing  the work?  Seek companies that offer good rates – don’t forget, you are a professional and you should never agree to work for anything less than an acceptable wage.

Be conscious of any unreasonable pay rates. But, if a business appears to be giving  rates that are just too good that they can’t be true, undertake some research:

  • How long have they been in operation?
  • Do they provide a British business address?

Be conscious about undertaking more than one or two little pieces of work for them until you have been paid some money for your efforts.

A reasonable deal

Does the company you are considering actually think about the welfare of its writers? A good place to locate this information is in the contract. Do they ask you to take on unjustified alterations with no extra pay or do they offer you the chance to put in a quote for the additional work, as we always do? Do they give an extra bonus for work, done well like we do? Do they offer you more money for doing additional research? We always do – look at our staff writer policy. Do they give you more if the client asks for you again? We always do. Some businesses only show concern for their customers, forgetting the fact that without any writers, they would get nowhere. We attempt to work out the interests of our customers and writers as equally as we possibly can.

Lots of work!

We are aware there are many competitors out in the marketplace – and we are also aware of the amount of the market share they have got. How do we get to know this? Their accounts are on file at Companies House and we can all download them for a small amount. We can inform you that, of all legally UK research companies who are currently registered and are trading in the UK, we have the most significant market share and we, as a result have most of the available work. So have a look at our competitors, and maybe put yourself on their files too – but if you are seeking out the largest number and greatest variety of projects, there is no need to look any further- just fill out our application form today.

Considering joining a research company? Don’t forget to check…

  • If they really have a British business address. This will make it far easier to get your pay, if they try to refuse to pay you (but, if you’re residing in the USA, you may like to work for a US established business for exactly the same reasons!)
  • They have a British telephone number. Give us a call now on 0115 966 7951 – you will find this is a Nottinghamshire number.
  • They go about answering your calls and/or emails.You need back up as a writer. Do not offer to work for any research business that does not offer this back up.
  • They have a British bank account.This is the best option to find out if they are actually based in Britain.  Make sure that the account is real and is owned by the business. You could ask if you could put in a small amount of money (just a few pence) into the account and then ask them to let you know exactly how much was sent. We can arrange to give you our account information so that you can do this if you wish.
  • They are really registered If they are British based, they must be registered at Companies House. Academic Writer Jobs is part of a limited company registered at Companies House and VAT registered – Company Registration No:
  •  Registration No:

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