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Are students more likely to cheat if given model answers?

Dear Writer,

Today, on the World Wide Web there are numerous online businesses who are marketing essays to students and who are not concerned if the student attempts to pretend the essay was written by them. Being a part of the academic profession, I can state firmly that I would never contemplate being employed by a business that promoted or put up with cheating for any reason whatsoever. I would like to clearly state that Academic Writer Jobs is not that sort of business.

I will state here the company’s viewpoint with regards to the issue of cheating. This is an opinion that I promote openly, an issue the staff at Academic Writer Jobs have strong views on. It  cannot be questioned that there is an appropriate use for model answers.

University lecturers don’t hesitate to give these out on a regular basis to their students as a way of showing them examples of the way to undertake a piece of written work. Well known book publishers publish books on how to go about undertaking written assignments along with model essay examples.  It is therefore possible to conclude that model answers do not necessarily provide the pathways to cheat.

Academic Writer Jobs strives to set itself apart from other businesses with its views in relation to the using of model answers. It promotes a reasonable use framework on each promotion website that reaches the internet (read this here), and our media reports show proof that we have never promoted acts of cheating to our clients. We refrain from selling the copyright to any students we have prepared written work for, and in all instances we remind our student clients that they are not permitted to hand the work in written in their name. All members of our staff in our office get periodic training on reasonable use policy

It is has not helped us that we have been bunched together with other businesses who fail to share our beliefs. But, I would like to let you know that not all the freelance writing businesses are identical. Academic Writer Jobs has put in a considerable effort, up to now,  and will pursue its hard work and efforts well into the future – to promote the correct usage of student back up resources. I can proudly state with my head held high that we are out to assist students to attain and not to simply cheat.

I sincerely hope that you will consider becoming part of Academic Writer Jobs as a researcher and writer and I look forward to being able to work with you very soon.



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