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Academic Writer Jobs is currently the academic research services provider that is growing more quickly than any other company. Academic Writing Jobs now in the position of employing in excess of 3,000 research freelance writers who originate from numerous native English speaking nations around the globe. Professionals are eager to join our team and have been signing up in their hundreds in recent years. We have now proudly reached our 10 year of offering our services, and we claim to have the cream of academic flair that exists in our industry and we guarantee to offer an excellent rate of pay for our available writing jobs.

Our Aims

Our company’s aim is to offer to our increasing client base a consistent assortment of high quality academic and marketing research writing possibilities that suit the demands of our specific clients. Throughout our years of operation, we have constructed a valuable working bond with numerous service businesses who have chosen to outsource their assignments to our company. Our business has been shaped to provide a high quality service which is managed by well qualified and knowledgeable administrators, and supported by the most current computer software.

We are continually aiming to upgrade all features of our ventures with specific reference to improving useful communication with our research team by offering them the required tools and support network which allows them to finish challenging assignments without delay including:
  • Your own specific account set aside for all researchers.
  • Rapid email backup from Monday through to Saturday.
  • Affable and useful telephone backup of important conversations.
  • Emailing when new writing projects become available.
  • Mobile website with simple access when you are moving from place to place.
  • Modern and innovative database systems that provide you with the work.

If you have an undergraduate honours degree in the areas of Law, Health, Business, Marketing, Management or, alternatively, you are in possession of a Science or Humanities diploma or higher, you are well qualified to work for Academic Writer Jobs. The specific subject area is not that important and as long as you are qualified we will be able to offer you a freelance writing job straight away.

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