Freelance Business Writer

Freelance writing has exposed itself to a variety of industries, professions, areas and arenas of study. The information and communication technology industry is one such industry that increasingly requires writers to produce content to be displayed on the internet. The manufacturing and retailing sectors also have increased their demand for writers in the freelance work scenario to write manuals for their products. There are many other big and small businesses that require writing schools to promote products.

The freelance writing arena has been given contracts by many industries and professions to produce written and literary features of the operation of their professions and advertise their businesses. The most distinctive of these are the legal profession and the medical research arena.  There is a lot more than what one can spot visually when it comes to the freelance writing profession.

Large Corporations, small and large firms, sole proprietors and a mix of other businesses now take on freelance business writing professionals to put together internal and external written communication documents and other writing needs such as files and company documents. More and more companies are getting in on the act.These companies’ business writing needs could be assigned to you by Academic Writer Jobs.

Academic Writer Jobs offers positions to both new and experienced business writers. Find out and take part in the benefits of the freelance business writer jobs we have on our books.

We always need more applicants. You can apply and become a part of our team if you meet the following criteria:

Become our newest business writer and become part of our team and reward yourself with our exceptional benefits:

  • A background in Business education
  • Writing skills or career in writing
  • Outstanding research and evaluative skills
  • Excellent understanding of today’s issues
  • Capability to select outstanding research materials and resources
  • Capability to evaluate and independently analyse unique ideas
  • Outstanding fluency in written and spoken English
  • Determine your number of work hours, the amount of work you do and the assignments you complete.
  • Improve your future career potential by improving your business writing skills and expertise.
  • Receive the payment you deserve for your level of qualification and devotion that you put into your work.
  • Career satisfaction, as the knowledge and writing that you have undertaken has been of benefit to your target readers

Our rates we now offer have been recently raised and with all the other benefits, it could be an opportunity come true for you if you take the time to offer your services.

Applying is as simple as filling up our online application form.