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 What’s it like being a freelance writer?

Freelance writer jobs in all subject fields.

Freelance writing is an occupation you can do from the comfort of your own home home, your office or, moreover, from any other place throughout the world. It might be a full-time job, a part-time interest, a second money earner or a well paid career for you. What reasons you have for seeking a freelance writing job as an opportunity, being paid to write is a challenging job but it is also well rewarded and can offer fulfilment.

Who exactly are our freelance writers?

The writers we pay are mostly graduates who possess at least a 2:1 degree in one of all the many subjects available. Most of our freelance writers are professionally qualified with widespread experience and qualifications in lecturing, teaching, editing and marking. We have a large number of lawyers and business advisers on our files, along with a number of highly respected authors who submit contributions to populist journals.

If you possess a 2:1 level in a degree subject or similar, have good research skills, a high standard of writing and some spare time available, freelance writing could be just what you are looking for. Why not apply today?

The freelance writing process

As a writer for Academic Writer Jobs, you will be sent regular emails from us containing information about our writing projects that our clients have asked us to complete. You choose which writing assignments you have an interest in, depending on the details you have received about the assignment, the price and the date due. We will then allocate the assignment to the most appropriate writer.

Why become a freelance writer?

There are many advantages working as a freelancer writer:

  • Freelance writing is totally flexible – Choose your work load and your work hours.
  • Freelance writing is one of the few types of jobs where you are able select the volume of work.
  • Being a freelance writer, you will have the chance to learn as you go about the writing – we will pay you a bonus to take on the study of a niche subject!

You will increase your knowledge and expertiseby handling both easy and complicated assignments (whatever you select), and you will gain the pleasure of achievement when your individually researched, well constructed work is assisting to increase the knowledge, comprehension and development of both undergraduate and post-graduate personnel along with other business experts, around the world.

Variety of work

Along with writing jobs, our freelance researchers are able to get pleasure from a number of different types of assignments, including compiling presentations, designing work programmes,  mathematical projects, technical writing, the producing of reports, model job application cover letters, the writing of draft documents, creative writing assignments, proofreading, editing and marking clients’ work, the producing of academic CV’s, web page copywriting, brochure/pamphlet writing, graphic designing, the producing of revision notes for examination preparation and a whole load more of other freelance projects. If you can show to us that you are an expert, outstanding academic writer, your time sdpent with Academic Writer Jobs will, undoubtedly, be a fascinating and valuable experience.

Why should you join us

Our group of researchers, writers, tutors and lecturers are comprised completely of professional people and graduates. If you are involved in an academic life and  you want to be a part of the best there is and would jump at  the opportunity to assist others to do well, then we most certainly wish to hear from you. Working as a freelance researcher and writer, you will have the chance to write on a great variety of different assignments in a large number of subject fields and disciplines. You make the decision when you wish to take on some work and the volume of work you wish to undertake. You also get to select which assignments you have an interest in, depending on the type of  project and the money on offer for its completion. Check on our rates of pay here.

If your your application is successful and you are asked to join our team of freelance writers, you will be given the chance to gain a good  income, while further developing your academic expertise in the fields you choose.

To apply today, just fill out our application form.