How much money can I expect as a freelance writer?

Our freelance writer pay rates are the greatest in the industry (click here to see our writer pay rates) long before you can include the added bonuses that our clients and  quality control team can award you, which can make up to 25% more added on to these rates.

We also have an offer available for a ‘staff writer’ contract and we select which projects to allocate to you related to your field of expertise – which can bring in an additional 50% in remuneration. Academic Writer Jobs surely does pay the best rates in the busuiness for freelance research and freelance writing tasks.

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How much money will I be able to earn as a freelance writer?

As far as writing jobs are concerned, ours are the most highly paid in the industry. We pay on average £1500 per month for a part-time writer. This goes up to £6000 each month for a full time writer. The normal client orders about 2,500-3,000 words.

We also take on longer and more complex projects up to Ph.D level which can cost up to £3,500 to complete. Both our quality control team and our clients have the power to offer you a bonus which is up to 25% after the successful completion of a high quality freelance project, and if you are asked for again by the  exactly the same customer, this will also attract a 25% increase to your normal fee. But, as you select which projects you take, you also are able to fix the amount of money you will offer to work for.

Studying the profiles of the freelance writers on our files has shown that around half undertake writing jobs as an addition to their current income. These writers can earn up to an average £1500 – £6000 each month – which goes up to around £7000 each month during the busy periods. About 25% of our freelance writers take on a brief for us, earning about £250-£500 each month as an average. The final 25% (approximately) of writers take on freelance writing as a full time career option. These writers  can earn about £3,000 – £6,000 each month – which goes up to about £7,000 each month throughout the busy times.

Freelance writing is a well remunerated job and an outstanding method to get money from the application of your writing skills. Apply today!

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