Freelance Legal Writer

Occupations, with the aim of promoting themselves, have used the internet as one of their top resources to do just that. The renowned and highly respected legal profession is certainly not exempt. Law firms and solo lawyers have produced websites so that they can be seen and to encourage new clients. At the same time their current clients can access them at any time and anywhere. Their competitiveness in the business world ranks as high as any other businesses marketing products or services.

Consequently, law firms and individual lawyers require legal writers to write the professional and competitive written content for their websites. This is as well as various other legal writing jobs that have long been around in the legal writing profession

Academic Writer Jobs supply these legal businesses and their staff with the services that they want. The clients we deal with in the legal arena let us offer an array of opportunities from legal information in the form of websites, and blogs amongst others along with the services of our freelance legal writers.

Working as a freelance legal writer for Academic Writer Jobs, you will be offered the chance to excel on a variety of assignments which include reporting legal news and compiling newsletters as well as putting together lawyers’ profiles, pamphlets, important news articles, analyses and court documents such as briefs, memoranda and motions.

Our forward looking clients impact on us to constantly search for individuals to become involved with our team. If you happen to be in possession or have the qualifications listed below, we would be very interested in making contact with you:

Act quickly and you might soon be the next legal writer to become part of our team and take advantage of what we have to offer which includes:

  • Training, career background or education that leans towards legal writing
  • Exceptional research and evaluative skills
  • Outstanding understanding of present day issues
  • Capability to select outstanding research materials and information
  • Capability to compose logical and lucid written content
  • Capability to produce unique concepts and present ideas independently
  • Outstanding written and spoken English
  • Taking control of one’s time management by selecting your working hours and desired work burden.
  • Improving your expertise – build up and improve your knowledge of legal issues and career expertise by researching and writing about current developments in the law and legal matters
  • Good remuneration – we ensure that you are well paid for the expertise that you bring with you and the undying effort that you input into your writing
  • Rewarding career – earn a living in an arena that is not only highly respected but also a dignified one as your service and input are of great assistance to law firms, their clients, law academics, legal students and many more.

The open and competitive freelance writer pay rates we are prepared to pay may give you what you need, and extra, to be able to follow your professional and personal goals. Email us your application to enable you to join Academic Writer Jobs’s team of freelance legal writers.

Placing an application is quite easy by filling in our online application form.