Student Writer Jobs

Are you ready to start a job that offers good pay rates and lets you take on a variable work load along with flexible work hours? You might be a student sourcing extra money, so working as a freelance writer may just be the opening you are hoping for. Find out how to join Academic Writer Jobs as a student writer by reading the information you find below!

Many students have to go about some type of job experience before they can graduate. Taking on work as a freelance writer for Academic Writer Jobs fits this nicely and as well as getting much needed experience, students are also paid well.

While working as a student writer for Academic Writer Jobs, you are offered the unusual chance to carry out the work in your own time, select the assignments you would like to work on plus the volume of work you wish to undertake, and be offered good pay rates for your effort. You also have the opportunity to improve your knowledge and expertise, and along with this, offer help to those who may require it.

While working as a freelance writer, you receive payment which is established at current freelance writer rates. You also benefit from the opportunity to choose the time period in which you wish to work, work from an environment that is moist suited to you, and work on any topic you have a specialist interest in. Freelance writers employed by Academic Writer Jobs are given the autonomy to select the assignments they wish to undertake, so you have the choice of the volume of work you are able to do, allowing you to take command of your available time.

Your circumstances may be different from other student freelance writers – you might have to find an extra income, or you really wish to get into a job that gives you the opportunity to improve your academic expertise – taking on work with us as a freelance writer will be the best decision you have ever made.

As a student freelance writer working for us, you are able to gain outstanding advantages, which are:

  • Making money while you study
  • Improving your academic expertise and knowledge.
  • Variable work hours and work burden.
  • The chance of greater earning power once you have graduated

Student freelance writers working for Academic Writer Jobs earn £17.00 per 500 words; if you can write 500 words in an hour, then you will gain £17 for each hour worked but, the majority of individuals can write in excess of 500 words. Work it out yourself! The amount of money you gain while working as a student writer is considerably more than the pay you would get if you are working part time at a restaurant or bar.

There is no more time to think! Sign up with our team of student writers and graduate writers right now.