Tax and National Insurance for freelance writers

As a freelance writer working for Academic Writer Jobs, you are classified as self-employed, which simply means that you have to manage  your own tax.

In Britain, you will have to register your status as self employed with the Inland Revenue.

This entails:

  • Telling the local Inland Revenue office that you work as a writer and you are self employed.
  • Telling the local Inland Revenue office about all the money that you earn from your employment while working as a self employed writer including money received from all employers.
  • Once your status has been lodged with them they will they despatch to you a  “Self Assessment tax return” form every year to give you the chance to fill in  your income. If they do not send you one, you must still inform them of your annual income.
  • It will necessary to pay Class 2 National Insurance contributions as well. A bill is normally sent out every thirteen weeks unless you have asked them to debit the amount from your bank account.
  • While being self employed you have the opportunity of paying additional insurance to ensure benefit entitlements in the future.

The above information is only of a general nature regarding tax matters and all employees have specific tax obligations. It is essential that you declare any income you receive from working with Academic Writer Jobs and it is your responsibility to do so.

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