Freelance Technical Writer

There are an increasing number of technological businesses and industries whose aim it is to improve our lives. A large part of our day is taken up by using all sorts of electronic equipment. However we can’t all keep up with this remarkable growth spurt. Industries who market technology have a massive consumer public to produce for but due to today’s globalized market place, these businesses come up against an overwhelming amount of competition. As a result a significant number of companies try to access reliable technical writers who could formulate superior quality articles about their products.

Academic Writer Jobs have considerable experience in putting together positive product articles along with other writing for companies who produce and market technology. We have gained a good rapport by producing superior quality products from our outstanding group of writers and researchers.

We are presently seeking out technical writers for our current technical writing positions. To join our team, we need:

When working with Academic Writer Jobs, we hold the belief that a well paid writer will produce good work and will be a reliable writer. Therefore our staff of technical writers are paid the most thorough and highly competitive benefit package in the freelance writing business, these include:

  • Wide-ranging and in depth knowledge on the area or topic of specialisation.
  • Understanding of typical referencing methods.
  • Outstanding research and investigative skills.
  • Capability to select significant and suitable research resources and materials.
  • Capability to write ideas in a clear and coherent manner.
  • Capability to think individually and with independent thoughts.
  • Confident, articulate and with the ability to express well in written English.
  • The controlling of your work volume and the number of hours worked.
  • Write assignments that you have an interest in.
  • Improve your academic experience and expertise.
  • Earn good money and keep control of the balance between work and leisure.
  • Assist those who require help in their academic writing assignments.

If you meet these conditions, then don’t stop to think. Apply now! Commence your route to an enjoyable freelance technical writing career and gain the advantages of joining the fastest growing and the most important company that promotes freelance writing opportunities.