Freelance writer positions for freelance writers

Have you graduated from university?

If you have, we are keeping an eye out for you.

We can find you some work that you can mould around your present commitments, and we will pay you the highest rates in the business (find out more).

How we function

Our clients submit details, via the internet, of writing tasks that require completion. These might include writing business reports, compiling marketing reports,conducting and writing up company research, business presentations, teaching resources, web copying, proofreading of assignments, research or custom written answers.

We post details of all the projects out to the members of our freelance writing team who are best qualified to undertake them. If any of our writers indicate some interest, they will put their names forward for consideration to take on the task. We select the most suitable writer and the writer goes ahead with the project and sends the completed piece  to us using an email. We forward it on to the client and our writer will get a payment paid into their bank directly or via the Paypal facility.

Why would you work for us
  • FLEXIBILITY – for a freelance writer, you can choose when you work
  • VARIETY –  You select the projects you wish to complete
  • OUTSTANDING PAY  – We offer fantastic pay rates- the highest in the business
  • EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE – You will increase your knowledge and expertise throughout the researching and writing process
  • USE THE KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE  – You will be making excellent use of your degree
  • ASSIST OTHERS – You can give out your specialist knowledge and expertise to others who want it

While working as a freelance writer, you work when you wish and do a small amount or a  large volume of work depending on your comfort level. You select the projects that hold the most interest for you, at the pay rate that you wish to work for.

While working as a freelance writer, you will have the benefit of an on the job learning situation as you work, conducting research into different fields that come within your specialist subject. You can put to use all the knowledge that you have acquired while at University, and enlarge that knowledge base as you select demanding projects that you choose to do. You will gain the satisfaction of being assured that you have utilised your skills and expertise to assist other learners (apply now).

You could become a freelance writer if…
  • You like research and writing tasks
  • You wish to select your work hours
  • You wish to increase your current income, in a big way

Apply now to be a freelance writer.