Writer Jobs Texas

Academic Writer Jobs is now taking on freelance writers from throughout the world including Texas. Our writing positions for Texas Freelance writers include:

  •  Writing services
  •  Proofreading services
  •  Research and model essays

We now have technical writer and editor jobs in all disciplines. We are now seeking  creative, inspirational writers who can assist our customers with a wide range of assignments which include business report writing, compiling written financial projects, programming jobs, teaching resources, lesson outlines, suggestions for dissertations and reports and a numerous variety of other freelancing writing jobs.

The advantages of working as a freelance writer for Academic Writer Jobs are:

  • Freelance writing work is adaptable  work if you wish to.
  • Freelance writing work is the type of job where you are able to select your chosen volume of work
  • While working as a freelance writer, you will improve your learning as you do the writing – we will  pay you more  if you are prepared to study specific subjects!

If you happen to be a writer in Texas in search of a freelance writing position, put in an application now – we will be waiting for you.

Rates of Pay

While employed as a freelance writer for Academic Writer Jobs, you’ll get to like our pay scales as they are the best in the business (click here to see the present freelance writer pay rates) along with added rewards that our clients and resident quality control team can offer you, which may often increase your pay by more than 25%. To see our pay rates, click here.

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