Writing is Britain’s most likable job

…stated by the Guardian Newspaper1

Michelle Pauli states that many British think about being an author rather than any other jobs, as mentioned in a recent survey.

A YouGov questionnaire has discovered that nearly 10% of the British would like to be an author, then a sports celebrity, airline pilot, space astronaut and an event manager as put down on a list of most sought after jobs.

Women have more of a preference to writing than men, and those between the ages of 35 and 50 and  over the age of 50 were more likely to want to get their work published.

Those under the age of 35 have a greater interest in being a sports celebrity.

Even though  writing has never been viewed as a glamorous job, JK Rowling, it seems, has added creditworthiness into writing as his work has been so glamourised in recent years. The Harry Potter best selling author of child wizardry stories was written in an Edinburgh café while she struggled  with her commitments as a single mum to write the series and quite amazingly it attracted the reading public in droves leading to a multi million pound extravaganza.

The survey did not actually ask what sorts of books the would be writers wish to have lining the bookshelves but it seems, there has been massive increases in drafts of children’s literature presented to publishers since Harry Potter. The internet, as well, has provided new possibilities for authors using online writing groups, teaching facilities  and new ways to publish work independently. Along with this, has been an emergence of creative writing courses at universities since the first one in Britain at the UEA in 1970. YouGov asked more than 2,000 individuals throughout Britain.

1 Tuesday August 21 2011

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