Freelance Content Writer

Web content writing is now in the greatest demand of all writing services available today, with most businesses going online to display and promote their goods and services. Good quality content is not just easy to read and provides information but is responsive to internet searches as well. This means that content put together for web pages must have the correct keywords and number if the website is to rank high up in search engine results. This is the reason why there is also such a great demand for good quality web content writers who have the ability to produce excellent quality articles.

Academic Writer Jobs are always trying to source outstanding content writers who have have a particular wealth of experience in content writing jobs. We have built up a reputation for providing products of exceptional quality with a strong leaning in favour of SEO. We have managed to source content writers for almost all market specialisations.


We are now looking for a web content writer to join our pool of outstanding writers. Applicants must fit the following criteria:

At Academic Writer Jobs, we firmly believe that a well paid writer is more productive and can be depended on. Our content writer openings are combined with the most complete and competitive financial and other benefits in the writing industry, which are as follows:

  • More than two years of experience in formulating articles for SEO
  • Outstanding research and evaluative skills
  • Capability to select specific and suitable research resources and materials
  • Capability to offer ideas lucidly and logically
  • Capability to engage with unique material and think independently
  • Complete fluency, literate and able to write good English
  • The opportunity to control your own work outcomes and hours of work.
  • Be able to work only on assignments that you have an interest in, improve your skills and expertise in SEO and content writing. Earn good money and take control of your balance between work and life outcomes.
  • Assist those who require help with content writing assignments.

If you are you sure that you are able to match our needs, then go out and put in an application right now!Gain the full benefits from our freelance content writer openings and enjoy the advantages of being employed by for one of the most important companies that market writing services.