California writing Jobs

Academic Writer Jobs is now on the look out to recruit  freelance writers from throughout the world which includes California. Our position for  California writing Jobs are:

    • Freelance services for worldwide customers who need to meet certain deadlines. Specific projects which include business and marketing reports, business research, essay compilation, business presentations, teaching resources and lesson outlines.
    • Proofreading services for customers who are required to prepare well written presentations which are free of mistakes.
    • Research and custom designed answers to assist  students to fully comprehend the courses they are currently studying.

We have writing jobs in the technical field as well as editing across all subject fields and disciplines. The advantages of becoming a freelance writer for Academic Writer Jobs are:

    • Flexibility – Choose how much work you do and when you do it.
    • Fantastic pay – the highest rates in the business (check them out here)


If you are searching California writing Jobs residing in California seeking a freelance writing position, put in your appication in immediately – we will be looking out for you. To make an application now, just fill out our application form.

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