Copy writing Jobs available in all subjects

Copy writing  jobs are available now in all subject areas (apply now)

What exactly is copy writing?

Copy writing is the producing of text designed for a precise promotional goal, normally advertising. It can be an economically rewarding way of earning an income as a freelance writer.

What are the requirements for copy writing?

Copy writing is well paid because it requires very specific skills:

  • You must be familiar with your audience, if it is required, by conducting research to find out what is likely to attract the individuals for whom you are writing.  Professional advertising bureaus invest large sums of money on this, in an effort to find out exactly what sort of person they are attempting to sway but you could do this with almost no investment simply by utilising your commonsense and the internet.


  • You have to know your goal: you have to work out exactly what you are intending to do with the actual copy; normally it must contain some useful information along with using persuasion.


  • You should have the flair to present writing in an informal, individual manner, with the intention that the reader gets the impression you are speaking with them yet you are still keeping to the highest possible standard of the written word in English.


  • You must have the ability to write in a snappy, eye catching manner that will attract and hold down the attention of your desired reader. This is more difficult than it appears, as your work is competing with a large number of other copies all attempting to attract the interest of the informal surfer.

So what is the role of Academic Writer Jobs in this?

As the top business for uniquely written work, Academic Writer Jobs is always enlarging its client numbers and therefore, requires eager, gifted freelance writers to assist to develop the large range of companies which it includes.

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