Teaching Writer Jobs

Freelance jobs for writers in all subject areas (apply now).

We desperately need practising and recent teachers and lecturers to take on a broad variety of both teaching and one to one tutoring positions within their specialist area. We now have positions for teachers in all subject specialities and areas (look to see what we do). Our customers will gain not just from your academic knowledge base and skills but  from your proven teaching ability as well. For your services, we provide the best pay rates for freelancers in this type of business – much better than the majority of teaching jobs (see our rates of pay).

The advantages of working for Academic Writer Jobs as a teacher are:

All our teachers work as self employees. We decide on your rates for your teaching assignments, but you can negotiate (see current rates of pay | apply now).

Why become a teacher?

Tutoring students and other clients is a great chance to elevate your skills in communication, increase your  knowledge base of your specialist area and achieve useful experience to impress prospective employers. You can mould our teaching assignments around your present circumstances, which provides you with the flexibility to work out a balance between job, family and entertainment  (apply now).

We are always employing teachers to offer academic back up to students on a great variation of university courses. Our web pages include a great deal of assistance in helping you to undertake teaching assignments, and you will achieve valued easy to transfer skills that will assist you in other areas of your personal and work life expectations(apply now).

Is it necessary to have a teaching certificate?

It is not. We go out to take on individuals who possess the minimum of a 2.1 degree in a listed subject area and specific experience to tutor our customers. A teaching qualification is not a requirement but this is, thus,  this is the most appropriate opportunity to gain teaching experience that you would be normally excluded from obtaining.

How do you select teachers?

If you have the desire to be a teacher for Academic Writers Jobs, the method that follows is in two stages:

  • 1) Fill in the job application form online
  • 2) If we accept you we will include you on our books and you will begin  receiving onformation about teaching work immediately,

Do you have an interest in our teacher jobs? Apply now.