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What actually is a technical writer?

A technical writing job is normally a graduate in one of a group of technical subject areas e.g law, engineering, electronics and science – who is paid to write ‘how to’ type articles and other quite similar topics. Fully employed or partly employed  technical writers may have the opportunity to work on a number of and variety of different project types – eg, writing out instructions that assist individuals to learn how to use a specific good or service.

What projects do technical writers have to do?

A technical writing job may be commisioned to write and be paid to:

  • Compile manuals to assist users to use computer software, construct computer hardware or put together appliances, stage-by-stage
  • Compile instructions for users to be able to put together or operate toys, furniture and similar things
  • Compile procedures and policies into manuals that businesses are able to access and use. e.g., a legal technical writer might compile a bussiness’s ’employee manual’ for human resources, explaining the plan for when employees go on holidays, put in a request for expenses etc.
  • Prepare online documents, to help people to operate software, navigate websites and access a shopping cart, etc.
  • Write readable content for use on the Internet. This might consist of  ‘how to’ type articles to get traffic for a company’s web pages.

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Why work as a technical writer?

Technical writing with Academic Writer Jobs has two clear benefits:

It is a satisfying, well paid job that lets you use creativity to assist others to understand how to go about doing something.

It is a position that permits 100%  flexibility – work when you wish to, on which ever assignments you have greatest interest in.

Do I need to have a qualification to write technically?

You do not have to possess any specific experience or qualifications to start off as a technical writer. There are enough article sites that allow contributions from almost any writer and you extend your expert knowledge base on article achievements alone. But, if you wish to take on work as a technical writer for Academic Writer Jobs, you should either be a fully fledged graduate or be currently studying on an undergraduate course. We give our clients  two different services, across different web pages – some promise a graduate writer and for them, we will only make use of graduates – others promise an undergraduate writer so our student writers have the qualifications and ability to undertake these projects effectively. Apply immediately for a freelance writing job!

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