Associate Lecturer Writer Job Openings

Freelance writer jobs in every subject area for lecturers (apply now)

If you have teaching, tutoring and lecturing experience  and  you are seeking out a lecturer’s job as a lecturer in English, Law, engineering or another known subject area. Have you thought of enlisting as an Academic Knowledge Associate Lecturer? Continue reading now.

Associate Lecturer job outline

Our mix of freelance researchers, lecturers, writers and tutors is made up solely of graduates and professionals. We are always on the look out for fresh talent and we have on offer attractive pay rates to graduates who have relevant lecturing, teaching or tutoring portfolios.

The advantages of working as an Associate Lecturer for Academic Ariter Jobs are:

  • Flexibility – choose the volume of work and when you do it.
  • Good payments – additional remuneration that recognizes your lecturing, teaching or tutoring expertise
  • Assist individuals – offer your expertise and knowledge to others (discover who our clients are)
  • Do what you like the most (study our case studies or discover what it’s like working here)
  • Work with some great talent (discover more about us)

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Why take on a role as an Associate Lecturer?

Academic Writer Jobs offers a spread of copywriting services which include:

    • freelance writing assistance for business customers for example, company reports, marketing reports, business research, company presentations and teaching resources
    • freelance proofreading assistance for company customers, undergraduate and overseas students to make sure that the body of their work is valued.
    • research and ideal answers to help students in fully comprehending the degree courses they are undertaking. All of our assistance are aimed at giving support for studyingpurposes and we therefore keep the copyright of this type of work to make sure that our writers’ outcomes are not subject to misuse.

If your are a lecturer, tutor or teacher at the moment or you used to be then you will have the expertise and knowledge to thoroughly offer information in such a way that your customers will comprehend and gain from you. We hold the belief that the most appropriate way  for students to gain from learning is by using examples. That is the reason why lecturers give out ideal answers to their students. That is the reason why books that offer questions and answers are so good in presenting a precise, easy to comprehend way of indicating to students the method to use when approaching a question. And that is the reason why model ideal answers, reports or bits of research from Academic Writers Jobs really assists students and professionals to learn how things are done by using the assistance of those who are experts.

If you are seeking a part time or full time lecturing job, apply now and make an impact.