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Writer jobs available up North, in all disciplines (apply now).
Academic Writer Jobs, the main supplier for custom writing tasks, located in the UK, is now looking for people up North who wish to make a start writing, and this refers to you. We are on the lookout for people who are prepared to learn, are hard workers, have skills writing Standard English and are prepared to put in research into new fiels along with the developing of current ones.

Why choose Writer Jobs?

Just because we are simply the greatest and that is not only our point of view but it is seen by the way we have entered new territory by establishing the biggest custom writing facility in Britain, and also that we have become leaders in the industry: our writers are fully aware of that and they don’t hesitate to let us know – and our customers are aware of it as well as they keep coming back with repeat requests.

I need to work close to my home in the North, is that a problem?

Certainly not – one of the greatest advantages of being a freelance writer for us is that you can work anywhere with access to the internet. You submit all your work electronically and we pay you that way, too.

On the point of pay, what actually are your pay rates?

The highest in the business and we work consistently at keeping it that way as we are aware the good that quality commands a high price tag, and we are ready to pay, as our customers ask, for excellent outcomes (see writer payment rates).

What type of individuals come to work for you?

All types but they have three important comon characteristics:

  • The will to succeed
  • The will to excel
  • The will to aspire to their greatest wish of excelling as a professional writer.

Therefore if you happen to reside up North, you have the desire to write in a professional capacity or enlarge your skills, undertaking writing for Academic Writer Jobs is the opportunity you have been seeking, so make contact with us immediately and we will work together so that writing up North becomes a reality!

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